I met Mr.Nasir Mohideen at an International Property Exhibition in a 5 Star Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where he was representing a leading builder of Mangalore, India. What I liked about him was his ability to get things done on a timely basis. His personnel energy and professional skills make him one of the best in his field. l was very appreciative of the fact that despite us being in different countries, his up-to-date on the progress of my property was always constant (along with pictures) that I never felt the need to travel to lndia during the construction period. He offers great ideas and was really helpful. Nasir’s enormous help converted my dreams into reality. He has disproved the general perception of laziness and corruption and proved that hard work and integrity still go a long way.
Should anyone be looking to buy a property, he will be the first person I would recommend.

Mr. Lawrence R. Sequeira